Songs of Susannah: Music is my first language

MusiCat has never liked Spam. Many years ago, MusiCat wanted a Spam key to play with and bat about, but ever since they went to pull tabs instead, MusiCat fails to see the point in Spam.

Susannah agrees. She also wanted a Spam key as a child, but when she finally persuaded her mother to buy a can of Spam, her mother used the key to open the can, and then wouldn't even let her play with it. And, she had to eat the Spam to make it go away.

With all this in mind, neither Susannah nor MusiCat want you to have to deal with any Spam. Ever.

We guarantee that if you join the Songs of Susannah mailing list, we will not sell, transfer, or spam your e-mail address. We will never, ever intentionally or knowingly transfer your e-mail address to any third party. We promise only to use your e-mail address for information and announcements related to Songs of Susannah.

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