Songs of Susannah: Music is my first language


I'll probably give you permission to use MusiCat or the Songs of Susannah logo on your website, as long as you credit me for my artwork and link to the Songs of Susannah website (unless you want to use my artwork for something I disapprove of, such as a hate group or a pro-vegan website). I just want to know where it's being used, so I can make sure that my music is not being associated with something I don't want to be associated with.


Songs of Susannah - MusiCat

If you create any new artwork of MusiCat, you agree that I can use it on my website in a gallery of fan-created MusiCat art. The same goes for any new versions of the Songs of Susannah logo. Artwork will be credited, or can be submitted anonymously.

Do not attempt to print out MusiCat or the Songs of Susannah logo to create your own versions of my merchandise. The images will come out purple and gray instead of blue. All Songs of Susannah official merchandise has been retouched so that it will print in the right shades of blue. Besides, doing the right thing just feels better.

Please Contact me via Shortwhale.